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PureSight Multi is a one-of-a-kind, intelligent, monitoring and filtering software that allows your children to use the internet without fearing
bullies or harassment, on any device, and keeps parents in the know.

Internet-bullying is a problem – with no responsible adult to keep watch cyber-bullies are running wild.

Multi device protection
Online child safety on both mobile devices and PCs!
  Facebook/Cyberbullying protection
Multi-layered anti-cyberbullying protection, on Facebook too!
Cyberbulling Protection
Multi-layered anti-cyberbullying protection
  Internet curfew
Set a reasonable and automatically enforced Internet curfew
Web filtering
The best solution for web-filtering
  Reports and alerts
Real time alerts of actual dangers
Parent portal
Play an active role in your kids online life
  Control file sharing
Select the specific software you wish to block

You need a Practical solution!
Practical - So your child can enjoy the benefits of the internet without worrying about cyber-bullies.
Intuitive and Easy - Super simple installation and very easy to use - a few clicks and you'll be free of cyber bullies!!
Rest assured - PureSight Multi will automatically screen the internet and filter verbal abuse and offensive content; and alert you in case someone
attempts to hurt your child.
Best-of-breed - PureSight Multi covers chats, forums, social networks, Instant Messaging applications, and more.
Real-time reports - so you know of a problem when it is happening and you can deal with it.

Fully automatic anti-Bullying software that delivers a safe and violence
free internet environment

We all know that kids can be cruel and that the school bully can be a real problem. At least in school there are effective measures we can take
to protect our children. There are teachers and consolers and rules put in place to protect our children and control violence. The internet, however,
allows for a new kind of bullying: cyber-bullying. With no control, without a 'responsible adult' cyber-bullies can easily hurt other kids, maybe even
your children, with no one to stop them or even know of what they are doing.

PureSight Multi is a simple-to-use software that both protects your children from verbal violence in internet applications (MySpace, Facebook, IM, etc.)
and alerts you in case they are harassed. This is very important – knowing what is happening with your children early on is extremely important! Moreover,
PureSight Multi will block offensive users and will provide you with details about them so you can report them.

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