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Proactive Detection

PureSight actively protects your child! PureSight identifies and blocks websites and chats containing content such as pornography, cyberbullying, sex talk, instructions for drug use, eating disorders, or bomb-making BEFORE it reaches your child. And you are immediately alerted via email or text messages, according to your preferences.

PureSight analyzes content at the protocol level
PureSight’s sophisticated technology identifies all types of offensive content before your child is exposed to it - but YOU DECIDE in advance what action PureSight should take when this happens. Because of our ability to recognize a protocol by its signature we can do deep analysis on it. That means we know and understand the message, the time it was sent and who sent it. This ability in turns allows us to ACT on the message and change it or take any other action according to your policy.

You can choose from one of the following:

  • Conceal part of a message or a page
  • Block full message or full page
  • Conceal parts of image or a full image
  • Block a contact altogether

Value to YOU
You can be assured that PureSight will “stop the bullet before it hits” and that your children remain protected while they are online, because PureSight does a lot more than simply report the offense after the fact - it prevents it from happening.

Immediate alerts
You are alerted in real time, via email or text messages, when your child is exposed to harmful or offensive content or conversations and have the option to take action immediately!

Value to YOU
PureSight empowers you to be involved in your children’s online lives - you can react and intervene in real time to prevent damage and hurt. In addition, with PureSight you can gain insights about your kids’ online interests and activities - so you can be a more involved, hands-on parent!

Multi-Device Protection
Mix and match award-winning online child safety for your family's smartphones, tablets and computers, running Windows and Android™

Proactive Detection
PureSight actively protects your child – it doesn’t just inform you after the harm has already been done! PureSight identifies harmful content and STOPS IT BEFORE it reaches your child!

Effective Protection
With PureSight you receive the broadest coverage – any type of offensive content:, conversation, web site or page will be detected and blocked even minutes after it has been published!

Easy to Use
PureSight offers intuitive management in a special parent portal - so you can easily adjust the settings to allow for age-appropriate protection, for all your kids, of all ages!

Advanced Technology
PureSight’s unique ACR (Active Content Recognition) engine locates offensive content and conversations before your child ever sees them!

Evasion Proof
PureSight detects cyberbullying even when it is “coded” in that special lingo kids use online. Its sophisticated engine also anticipates filter evasion techniques, so even tech savvy kids won’t be able to get around it!

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