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Did you know?

Who is a cyberbully?
Anyone can be a cyberbully, hiding behind technology to anonymously hurt someone else!
It could be your classmate, next door neighbor, or even your cousin from across town

Tell your kids…
They should never open an attachment from someone they don’t know..
For this and other online safety tips

Evasion Proof

PureSight detects cyberbullying even when it is “coded” in that special lingo kids use online. Its sophisticated engine also anticipates filter evasion techniques, so even tech savvy kids won’t be able won’t be able to get around it!

Instant identification of harmful content
PureSight offers real time, dynamic, on the spot analysis and inspection of actual harmful content and PureSight’s smart engine constantly “learns” and assimilates all new offensive content “tricks” or threats.

Value to YOU
PureSight can recognize offensive content and act upon it immediately! Even pages on social networks, where cyberbullying often occurs, are analyzed and blocked when necessary, even if they were updated just seconds ago! So you know that PureSight will block even websites that were just published or insulting comments that were just posted!

Completely Tamper-Resistant
PureSight offers protection on the operating system level, on the protocol level, supports the use of proxies and recognizes and overcomes any filter evasion techniques, as these become popular. And any action (change in policy or profile for any one of the children) requires a password! Even the most tech savvy kids cannot disable or bypass PureSight.

Value to YOU
You can relax knowing that PureSight cannot be removed, tampered with or bypassed, and because the system operates on the protocol level there is no way that renaming applications (such as file sharing applications) will enable your kids to bypass PureSight!

Protection for all devices
PureSight detects offensive content on any device – desktops or laptops, servers (through your ISP), and cell phones

Value to YOU
You can relax knowing that whatever types of devices your child is using, PureSight is there to protect him from harmful content. And PureSight can also provide online child safety solutions through your ISP if necessary.

Multi-Layer Protection
PureSight “covers all bases” with customized protection for each one of your children, regionalized lists, automatic protection for your system, deep protocol-level inspection combined with sophisticated slang and chat lingo analysis!

Value to YOU
You can relax knowing that PureSight is standing on guard for you – nothing will get by it!


"PureSight Owl 2011 can detect cyberbullying in IM, terminate the conversation, block the perpetrator, and notify Mom; impressive!.."

Real Life Story

Ryan Halligan was only 13…
When he took his life, because was he ridiculed and humiliated by peers at school and on-line.

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