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Easy to use and manage!

PureSight offers Intuitive management, in a special parent portal - so you can easily adjust the settings to allow for age-appropriate protection, for all your kids, of all ages! Because kids of different ages have different needs and you want to be able to adjust and fine tune your settings as they grow in an easy intuitive environment!

Unique Parent Portal supports you in protecting your kids
Even though PureSight is based on extremely sophisticated technology, managing, adjusting and applying your parenting style is very easy with the specially designed parent portal. This is where you can create a profile for each one of your children and change and adjust it as they grow and define many other system settings in an easy and intuitive fashion!

Value to YOU
You don’t need to be a computer genius or tech savvy to manage your kids’ online protection. All you have to do is go to PureSight’s parent portal to easily and effortlessly manage and adjust your kids’ online safety!

PureSight supports many parenting styles
With PureSight you can set a profile for each one of your children that is appropriate for their age. You can also decide to have the system just alert you when something suspicious is happening if that better suits your parenting philosophy.

Value to YOU
PureSight can adapt to your very own parenting style you can set it up so that it protects your children according to your taste, needs, belief system and philosophy. You set the rules, you are in control, and you remain active and involved while protecting each one of your children according to their age (After all, a 7 year old boy has different needs from a 12 year old girl!). PureSight assists you in implementing involved and assertive parenting!

Worry-free, easy set up and change
PureSight includes predefined templates, defaults, and profiles.

Value to YOU
You don’t have to worry about complicated profile set ups. Our content experts and psychologists have already created predefined profiles which you can select and your system is ready for use in one simple click! And if you want to change the predefined settings – that’s easy too…..

Multi-Device Protection
Mix and match award-winning online child safety for your family's smartphones, tablets and computers, running Windows and Android™

Proactive Detection
PureSight actively protects your child – it doesn’t just inform you after the harm has already been done! PureSight identifies harmful content and STOPS IT BEFORE it reaches your child!

Effective Protection
With PureSight you receive the broadest coverage – any type of offensive content:, conversation, web site or page will be detected and blocked even minutes after it has been published!

Easy to Use
PureSight offers intuitive management in a special parent portal - so you can easily adjust the settings to allow for age-appropriate protection, for all your kids, of all ages!

Advanced Technology
PureSight’s unique ACR (Active Content Recognition) engine locates offensive content and conversations before your child ever sees them!

Evasion Proof
PureSight detects cyberbullying even when it is “coded” in that special lingo kids use online. Its sophisticated engine also anticipates filter evasion techniques, so even tech savvy kids won’t be able to get around it!

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